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Unknown Inventors

Text and Illustrations b Mercedes Palacios
Edited by Bridge

The windshield wiper, the circular saw, vacuum packaging, and lifeboats are everyday inventions as invisible as the women who invented them.

In tribute to our foremothers

Many times, often without any recognition, almost always against the current and overcoming to the social clichés that relegated them to secondary roles, these women were able to envision a better world and make it come true.

This book is a compilation of biographical stories of 33 women and their inventions, about whom little is known beyond the patent numbers they registered, where they were born and died.

It is my intention to honor them by provide them a space in history , offering my own perspective as a tribute to their work and perseverance, as well as their courage in the struggle to bring light to their ideas in a world full of traps and social clichés that we seen absurd nowadays.

Against the grain...

In 1901, women were finally granted access to universities in Spain. However, they still had to deal with misogyny and sexism in the classroom and in the academic world. In 1875, the Spanish journal El siglo médico published the following:

«We will limit ourselves […] to repeat that women cannot seriously to pursue a medical career unless they renounce being women. According to the laws of physiology, a female doctor is a doubtful being, a hermaphrodite or sexless and in any case a monster.»

 El siglo médico 

With ‘Visionaries’ we will travel through various places and eras to uncover the stories of women who, often without any recognition, almost always against the tide, and always overcoming the social stereotypes that relegated them to secondary roles, were able to imagine a better world and transform it in a reality.